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14 May 2018

lilac, green and copper

oh my friggin gosh (pardon my toned down swearing) but its been ages since I've been able to blog and it's driving me nuts. Reasons; well trying to locate to Suffolk isn't going smoothly. Firstly I bought furniture for a house that I really want and packed my belongings into boxes, ok another story, so I had a house full of boxes and large furniture and we couldn't move or do anything.

Secondly, as you do, I arranged for the broadband to be cut off. Three weeks of no broadband, going to cafes and friends houses and we caved in and had to get a new contract out to re-connect with the living world.

So I've moved all my stuff into storage so at least my stuff is living in Suffolk even though I'm stuck in limbo land trying to tie up contracts.

Anyway, now with a bit of space and wifi, I can at least update here a little bit. I've been decorating and coming up with ideas of new looks for the next house, you can see some of my inspiration on pinterest where you will also see that my banner is crushing on the lilac green theme as well. 

You may remember my bath that I made over using Annie Sloan products. I decided to add more copper leaf to it. To gild any object is super easy, you need to get something called 'gold size' strange name I know, but it basically glue.

You paint the 'size' glue on, wait until it turns clear and then press your leaves of silver, gold or copper onto it. Brush away the excess.  Leaves come in the three metallic shades and are either stuck to a backing or loose.  To be honest, the ones that are attached to a backing paper are much easier to handle.

I also thought about trying matcha tea. I bought some at the wonderful Daylesford Farm Shop. My first attempt to use it was as a latte made with almond milk. Unfortunately the taste wasn't great, although it looks ok in photos. I maybe will try using it differently next time, (not the fault of the tea, more of my ineptitude).

I hope to be doing a big re-launch in a month or so, and perhaps manage to blog in between.  Until then please find me on instagram or facebook. I really appreciate your understanding.

On a personal note, my very dear friend Ben passed away this week, he was an incredibly talented soul who I met when he was playing with the band Miranda Sex Garden. The world is slight less interesting for the loss of him and Ben, wherever you are, I miss you already. 

Love to all, hold your loved ones tight. x

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