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7 Apr 2017

March Macrame Winner for Be Home Free

Thank you again for all your entries to #behomefree on instagram, with the prize this month coming from Bird Tribe Wall Art in the form of a blush pink macrame hanging. 

March is a mixed month, rainy days in bed mixed with signs of sun and days out to isolated beaches and interesting places.

@katrinabartlam @rebecca.kathryn @charis_in_wonderland
I've got my cooking head on this year, in preparation for the Lush Getaway trip to the south of France. My eyes are drawn to anything food related and beautifully presented. So the following caught my attention and made my mouth water ...

@trish.swetnellie @rayofsunshine60 @bittyfawn @the_curious_north

@takingamomentintime @aslowgathering @simpleandseason @salikons_roser

@_scarlett.l @lewesmap @catesthill @heatheryounguk

It was Heather who won my heart, I think I love everything in this photo, a fiddle leaf fig tree (on my list of wants), large glass bottle, dark walls and moroccan basket.  I couldn't wish for more, I think the hand made wall hanging from Nicole will look absolutely at home here.   

Thank you everyone who takes the time to use the tag, we are nearly up to 10k entries now which is more than I could ever have dreamt of.

Keep them coming, the vignettes, the home corners, the getaways and home from home. 

The prize for next month is something French and I will be revealing it in my next post which is the top ten tips on how to get the French Look in your home. 

Love Janice x

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