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18 Feb 2017

Harris Tweed, Hand Knits and PoZu

I want to do more posts about clothes and personal style, so when I was asked to review these boots from Po-Zu I thought it was a great opportunity to talk about mixing up vintage classics, handmade knits with new layers.

In this first photo I'm wearing my nightdress (a french linen chemise from Amanda Leader at Mistress Of Linen), I popped my new Piper boots on with bare feet so I could nip out to the garden and pick some snowdrops. I personally don't like to wear socks with shoes and so this is the ultimate test to me, how comfortable are they with bare feet? 

Lots of friends like to see my tattoos, hence why I've posted this pick.  My right leg is mostly tattooed by Amy Williams and the tattoo you can see on the left leg is the one by Amee Cornwell.   Anyway, I digress, so this is when I first realised just exactly how comfortable these PoZu boots are, they feel like someone just wrapped your feet in sponge.

So anyway, I thought I should probably get dressed to go out, always a good idea, and we planned a day of lunch at The Old Flight House in Weston On The Green (near Oxford), where the food is amazing and its set in the best antiques centre around.

I decided to take the lead from the brown tweed Piper boots by pairing them with a vintage (mens) Harris Tweed jacket, found in a charity shop, some hand knitted accessories, cashmere jumper and skirt from Jigsaw (which is now in the sale). 

The great thing about mens jackets are the pockets! I wish womens' jackets had those big inside wallet pockets, they are perfect for the mobile phone.

On our way home we popped in to Claydon House which isn't open yet for the season, but you can still look around the outside where they have a great show of snowdrops and aconites and some impressive views across Buckinghamshire.

this small orangery is to die for, theres a flowering camelia inside

Po-Zu are an amazing brand, I suggest you check them out, not only ethical (using renewable, low impact components) but fair to their workers as well.  These hand made shoes and boots have a unique sole, made like a foot mattress, with two layers of springy latex and natural coir.  

There are a few options as well for vegetarians and vegans, and so by shopping with them you can thoroughly investigate every part of the product you are buying and trust with confidence about your purchase.

While looking at the info on their website I discovered the Brisk sneaker, a fully customisable sneaker so that you can design your own pair and these have the same sole as my boots.  If, like me, your feet suffer from walking on hard surfaces for long periods of time, then these must surely be the answer to giving support and impact protection. They look to me to be the perfect shoe for travelling, (when you are walking a lot around a new city and through airports) and so I'm going to consider a pair for my trip to Morocco in March. 

I have a thing for pairing my shoe colour with my outfits, which range in either brown or black tones, but as I can't pack ten pairs of shoes for a trip, I'm going to design my own sneakers on the P0-Zu site so they have both brown and black elements to them.  These will be perfect for exploring the medieval city of Essaouria. Also they are really light weight, another essential consideration for travel.

Po-Zu also have a few high heels too which intrigue me, I wonder if they can provide the same great comfort in a heel?, now this I am interested in, being only 5 foot 2 and a bit.

Over on instagram I shall be featuring the vintage items I found at the antiques centre, these include crystal champagne glasses, some china, linen and books. 

Have a lovely weekend - Janice xxx

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