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1 Nov 2016

October prize for Be Home Free

Well, this month turned all kinds of orange, rust, brown, gold and yellow, in the pumpkins and the leaves, the hashtag prompt Be Home Free went golden.

I love the rustic feel that we all brought to our photos this month, and as I was away in Romania (hunting down a prize for the winner), I also lived a life of a rural folky explorer, with chickens, and nature and even the odd black squirrel.

@so_siehts_jinke @salikons_roser @christinagreve @tesslovesflowers

@krissmacd @this.little.wandering @undertheplumblossomtree @themintgardener

The season's buzz word, being donated to us by the Danes, is Hygge, and we are practising it in all the forms we already know. Call it cozy, comfy, warm and snuggly, do it alone or with friends, let's get our Hygge hats on ... bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens, candles and slippers ... 
this month's prize is this embroidered table runner with hand made lace from Romania.

@olgaprinku @sigridsminde @withjustine @gatheredthreads

The winner though, stole my heart, I kept going back to see if that little child on the ladder was still safe and sound, and how great are these children to colour co-ordinate their outfits with the leaves.  I just though this photo was so happy, so well done to Emily from Front Forty Farm, who says she is a mama times 10 !! Emily lives in New England on a farm they built themselves, and I thought the prize from Romania would fit perfectly with her life style, and I hope it makes it over in time for their Christmas table. 

Next month there will be some extra special prizes spanning November to December, expect yarn and a surprise from my favourite on-line store The Future Kept.  

You can shop some items from The Future Kept and some from other cool brands all with one click and one payment from this blog. The goods are despatched directly from the shops themselves. I will be featuring many products on this blog which I have road tested personally.

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