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21 Oct 2016

Urban Jungle Bloggers - Desert

Ha, those brilliant people at the Urban Jungle HQ have come up with another tricky theme this month, and it clearly calls for 'photos of your cacti', but as I also have some lovely skulls, I thought they would work perfectly with this theme.

Creating the vibe of a desert in Arizona doesn't exactly come easy to person living in a village in rural England, but my mini cacti collection came to the rescue.

And while I'm here, it's essential that I also tell you about their latest book, so let's get our Hygge going, as this weekend I start to talk about some ways we can do that, feet up, cozy socks, hot drink, wicked sounds, and a real fire ... oh yes and our favourite plants of course.  

Join me this weekend and next for more in depth ideas about Hygge, that danish practise of giving ourselves a warm hug. Love Janice.
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