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14 Oct 2016

October Be Home Free

Before I dash off to Romania on retreat with 'Taking A Moment In Time', I thought I should mention that this month I will be gifting a few souvenirs of my travels to my favourite photo.

In case you are wondering I (Janice Issitt) have created a hashtag on Instagram called Be Home Free and it's open to interpretation by yourself.  Because I like to have variety on my blog I love to see photos of travels and home, landscape or shelfie, I am fascinated by it all.

Oh and in case you are wondering why I emphasise that I am Janice Issitt, well that's because my blog has been copied entirely without any changes by someone in Indonesia, having reported this I am very surprised that the blog still remains, thanks Blogger.

In celebration of Autumn/Fall I am drawn the the earthy tones and warmth of these photos, and start with my own photos taken in Paris where the leaves have started to fall and the trees are golden brown.

@melindajk @_thehouseonthehill_ @vanillalemoncake @christnagreve

@this.little.wandering @modelmother @hanbullivant @undertheplumblossomtree

@lobsterandswan @so_siehts-jinke @bramble_and_b @lazydaisyjones

I hope you can find some inspiration for your photography and home styling by following this hashtag.  I am very proud of it. Big thanks to all you regulars who join in and fingers crossed you may be the winner of a little goodie bag from Romania, expect yarn related contents. 

Happy Autumnal snappy xxx

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