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7 Sep 2016

September Sponsors #behomefree

Already the gallery for BeHomeFree is filling up for September over on instagram and I'm pleased to announce that this month there will again be a prize for the chosen photo.  Annie Sloan has donated a one litre tin of decorative Chalk Paint in the colour of your choice.

Colour inspiration comes from all around us which can be seen so perfectly in these inspiring photos.  As August drew to an end there was a flurry of last minute travel, myself included, before the Autumn sets in.  Right now we can see a mixture of summer and autumn hues as the season creeps up on us. 

I love to mix my own colours with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, they are perfect for this, my palette at the moment features whites with tones of bleached driftwood, pops of pale pink and vibrant cranberry with some hints of cool aqua and french linen.  You can see mood boards over on my Pinterest page which also often leads you to the places where the pieces are sold.

Here are some of my photos from this last few weeks, and some from the #behomefree gallery to show how colours can sit together. If it works in nature it can work in your home.

I love the exuberance of these ladies, out there soaking up the last bit of summer ..

@_marzie @_scarlett.l @kayleighawright @_susandrea_

@_mandydearest @niki.at.the.cottage @rebecca.kathryn @frontfortyfarm

@melissacondotta @aplayfulday

Be Home Free definitely meant outdoors this last month but I feel we will probably soon turn to the cozy nooks, firesides and candlelit evenings.  Whatever it means to you please keep tagging and joining with the growing community of colour captures. If you get the chance please also let me know what colour you would choose from the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint range and what you would paint with it.

Winner will be announced at the end of the month.
Happy snapping.
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