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23 Sep 2016

September Be Home Free

Making these grids of the photos from Be Home Free has become a great favourite for me recently, I love playing with the tones and colour palettes, the themes and compositions. But most of all I love your interpretations of the tag.

The combinations of inside, outside and styled still life also gives us a great sense of seasonal feel.  The autumnal tones, mist in the mornings, cobwebs and fruit harvest. More cozy times under the duvet or with a warm drink.  And this September has again also been a time for an Indian summer feel, warm spells where they weren't expected and a few more visits to the beach before the holidays end.

white to cream, stripes and shelfies
           @abbie_melle @birdsforme @hannie65 @samphireandseasalt     

Autumnal tones and fading light
@akexandra_p_hobson @jennihaikonen @featherandwild @kempscat

Boat, bed, beach, bum

@sigridsminde @heidi_hallingstad @gatheredthreads @majamoliere

splish splash, water, washing indigo and blue
@livingslower @Alexandra_p_hobson @christinagreve @rebecca.kathryn

Botanical pops of colour linger on with geraniums, hydrangeas and dahlias, probably the last of the colours before the leaves turn to gold and red. 

Pots of pink and vases of pom poms. 

@grainandfeather   @binnuraaykol      @ehpyle

I am seriously envious of anyone who is out early enough to catch the mist on the fields.

@helaine_39 @sigridsminde

And to the winner, who this month receives a tin of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in their colour choice, is this delicious delicate styling by Sarah Notes, who, while generally known for her flat lays has taken her talent for precision and perfection to a hand-made wall decoration using natures finds.  I love the Japanese influence which is a hot trend in interiors, the sense of Wabisabi and the ingenious idea of making this wall hanging.

Well done Sarah, let me know your colour choice and address so I can send your information over to Annie Sloan.  I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Next week is the last part of my bedroom decorating makeover and the announcement for the October prize in Be Home Free.

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