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19 Jun 2016

Three looks for one plant - Urban Jungle Bloggers

The folk at Urban Jungle HQ have set us a great task this month, take one plant and give it three different looks, oh, this is so up my street.

But which plant, I looked at the Mother-in-laws Tongue and she was just too 1970's, maybe then a fern, but no somehow they were just too Victorian.  Then from the back of the class someone put their hand up and there she was, a tropical beauty just crying out to wear some new outfits ... Medinilla

This beautiful girl certainly has done some travelling, I found her in Sweden and didn't want to risk not finding another back in the UK, (although I saw some great ones recently in a garden centre in Woburn and nearly bought another).  She normally resides in this beaten copper planter from Miafleur as I do love pink and copper together, but let's see what else we can do.

So what to try first with this tropical belle, and then she whispered to me, "I want to be French".... Oh la la

Here the little sexy one really pops, in the mean and moody chic French setting of chipped paint shutters, wrought iron chairs and fancy clocks.  A grande metal urn with curly handles raises our Belle Medinilla to just the right height for her flowers not to drag, and in this dimly lit area the light falls just perfectly on her blooms.

The french urn worked out so well that I was tempted to leave her there, but our Medinilla wasn't having any of it ... there were still two more looks to try on.

Look number two just had to be Boho, and so, against my trademark colour wall, our pretty pink plant hangs out in a gang of plants with lots of other colours to compliment her tropical look.

Bohemian looks are never complete without plants, an eclectic collection of textiles, textures and global collectables. Clashing colours within the same hue, rich and opulent and a place you can just relax into.

The basket came from Amsterdam but was made in Africa, it fits well with our tropical girl.  The textiles are from India, Wales and England, the table is Moroccan and the jewellery adorning the skulls is Egyptian.  Boho equals global eclectisism.  Essential boho plants, well it has to be the Swiss Cheese Plant and some cacti. Essential colours, bright, vibrant, some turquoise, mustard, pinks and oranges ... this is bohemian.

And then for our third look, well I'm a hoarder of vintage so I went for Retro ...

For a true mid-century retro look you need hanging plants, so this time our pink belle squeezed herself into a macrame hanger.

Retro or vintage includes yellows and browns, a spider plant and some sounds on the record player. Furniture with atomic legs, teak sideboards and coffee tables against white. 

I hope you enjoyed this fun post as much as I did and maybe got some tips on how to include plants with your look, whatever that may be.

Our Medinilla belle, she can't decide between the French urn and the copper pot, particularly because next month I will be giving away a lovely beaten copper item from Miafleur (they have a really good selection of copper). So maybe you will get to see this little star again in yet another incarnation.

The great new interiors place to hang out is the website At Mine and they have featured me on there, check me out ... http://atmine.com/insiders/20-janice-issitt

Flower power love to you all.

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