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21 Jun 2016

Be Home Free Sweet Sixteen

 Oh my word, what an amazing response I had to the launch of my hashtag #BeHomeFree and just in these first few weeks I'm finding it hard to decide, I'm overwhelmed by how great the entries have been.

There are two prizes this month .... below you can see the Kantha quilt donated by Holy Cow Home, it's made from vintage sarees and hand sewn. The fabric is soft and a beautiful summer weight as a bed throw or a picnic blanket.

 The second prize is a bottle garland, an uber cute item from Rose & Grey, little light bulb shaped bottles tied to a rustic string with little shells between.

Here is a small selection of our entries ... the white rooms, with pastel hints, the feminine vignettes ...

@lisapocklington @keepingwiththetimes @the.life.so.beautiful @permillion44

The vintage palaces ... these ladies live their dreams, the dedicated hunters of the old but beautiful ...

@lisa_loves_vintage @thevintagehousethatcould @patchworkhrmy @tamsynmorgans

The more moody hues, richer tones with the Dutch painting feel ... 

@definitely_dreaming @saffronandsuitcases @niki.at.the.cottage @hildemork78

And the atmospheric reading nooks, with lovely light and ... cake

@trish.sweetnellie @katgoldin @heatheryounguk @circleofpines

But, as they say in the t.v. shows, there can only be two winners so (drum roll please) ...

the winner of the Kantha quilt is @tamsynmorgans for her amazing little iron day bed with Vernon Ward print 

and the winner of the bottle garland is @niki.at.the.cottage for her outside green space 

I'm thinking I may have to visit some of your homes and take photos, mmm there's an idea. 

I sincerely thank everyone who joined, it brought a tear to my eye every time I saw the feed.  Next month we will be giving away a super stylish copper tray from Mia Fleur and some drinking goblets from Katie Alice. 

While I don't want to set a theme, (I like the freedom as the name suggests), I would hint that perhaps some outdoors dining shots for July, where do you sit when the sun shines?, the little spaces just outside your back door and how you style it.

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