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27 Mar 2016

Easter Styling The Seasons

Wishing all the readers of this blog a very lovely Easter holiday. It's a funny old holiday really, a nice long weekend which in the UK usually results in rain half the time, the clocks change by springing forward to British Summer time on Easter Sunday, March 27th this year.  This usually results in me being confused for at least a week, while half the clocks in the house are still on 'old time' as is my stomach clock. 

Also I don't have children which again makes it an awkward kind of festival, as we are all trying to give up sugar it seems inappropriate to give chocolate to other adults, and I'm praying that no-one gives me any as it's a hard struggle to say no.  

JORD WOOD WATCHES  http://www.woodwatches.com/#janiceissittlifestyle 

JORD WOOD WATCHES  http://www.woodwatches.com/#janiceissittlifestyle 

But despite the mixed weather, there are signs of spring, daffodils and grape hyacinths in the garden, and little green sprigs and blossom popping out daily. Growth, development and new life. 

While one minute its bright sunshine and the next pouring with rain, let's not forget that we don't get the new greenery without it, so let us embrace the weather with layers, my favourite way of dressing. And if sometimes being wrapped up seems a bit dull, then I find accessories play an essential way to brighten and style any outfit.  This year I'm having a love affair with linen.  My bedding was the first, the soft crumpled allure and feel got me hunting down t-shirts and tunics.  I also love a good scarf, large and wrap like, this is a great way to warm up and cover the bumpy bits you want to hide. 

 The zeitgeist for crystals and dreamcatchers has made a welcome return, the yearning for spiritual tones and vibrations in our lives. Natural fibres and stones, watches made from wood, jewellery that promotes healing, and old traditional hand sewn garments made from cotton and linen.  

So I've treated myself to some duck eggs instead of chocky ones and been knitting, crocheting and dress making.  I shall feature the dress making soon, I have a simple pattern and am just hunting down some fabric that will work as a transitional warmth between spring and summer. 

If you like my styling choices the stockists are as follows:

Steer Skull t-shirt by Van Asch, welsh wool cushion by Jane Beck, Linen tunic under the watch in picture 1 is by WindramDesign on Etsy, Linen bedding is mixture from : Soak and Sleep, West Elm, and Loaf. Cactus planter from Rose & Grey.

And here's my Easter present to you; $20 off any wood watch from Jord  if you click on this link :

A lovely new watch to help you remember the time change.  

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