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12 Feb 2016

Crochet Dreamcatcher

When I was a youngster, way way back in time, my Mum and Nan used to crochet, I don't know why they preferred it to knitting, so I learnt to crochet, only teaching myself to knit quite recently.  However, it was so long ago that I had completely forgotten how to form the stitches in crochet, so after a refresher on 'you tube', it came back to me, it was like riding a bicycle.

The reason for my renewed interest was a project by Nicki Trench as part of her Crochet Club.  I've worked with Nicki a few times, as knitter and photographer, she is just so brilliant at making contemporary patterns, so far removed from the toilet roll dollies that my Nan made (oh the horror of them), they took the form of a crinoline lady, a barbie doll dressed in crochet costume, her skirt forming the cover for your unsightly toilet roll paper!  Just too hilarious for words, but bang on trend in 1970. 

The Crochet club lets it's members have one pattern a month, discounted yarns and special offers and events, well worth the 3.50 per month.

The stitches for the dreamcatcher uses chain stitch, double crochet and triple/treble stitch, plus some cluster stitches which Nicki explains how to do in the pattern.

Other than the yarn and hook you will need an embroidery hoop, some ribbons, feathers and beads.

I was fortunate to be able to use some treasured finds, feathers which I have collected when on rescues for the animal hospital (Swans and pheasant) and some picked up from the aviary which houses the Eagle Owls.

The beads were given to me years ago by my father, who worked in Cairo and collected wonderful things from the Souk.  I was always making jewellery so he found me these silver ornate bedouin beads.

Im so pleased with the result that I may make some more, the crocheting was very enjoyable, although my first attempt wasn't brilliant I felt I had got in the rhythm the second time.

Have a look at Nicki's website for all the things she has to offer, including the crochet club, find her over at nickitrench.com 

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