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25 Nov 2015

Emma Bridgewater VQ digital radio

This week an early Christmas treat has arrived in the post in the form of a DAB Radio. I'm not a great technology gadget fan, usually slow to get the latest phone and I still don't own an i-pod, but put a flowery design on the outside and a bit of retro styling and I'm all ears.

I'm a huge fan of audio books, not having time to read hard copies I do find that long car or train journeys and even visits to the dentist can be made more enjoyable while listening to a good book.

My latest is a Bill Bryson, which I mentioned before, and it's totally brilliant.  This VQ mini radio also has blue tooth connectivity and so now I can forget those uncomfortable ear-phones and listen through this really cute radio.  They come in many different colours and patterns including this rose design by Emma Bridgewater.

The Retro Mini DAB+ has an alarm clock so the design lends itself to a few different places around the house or even your camper or caravan as the vintage look and pastel colours blend in with decor so much nicer than a boring black box. It can work in a bedroom setting without looking intrusive. 

This one has a section for batteries at the back so it's totally transportable for when you are out and about or you can plug it in when you are near a socket. The size and handle make it really easy to carry along with you on your travels and I think I'm going to take it on car journeys and save my poor ears the discomfort of inner ear phones. 

On day one I've already listened to my book and found some local radio stations I didn't know about before.  So this Christmas there's no reason to be disappointed with the t.v. scheduling.  Our recent trip to The Welsh House taught us to go a few days without t.v, however, I would have liked to take this little cutie with us and we could have listened to my latest Bill Bryson together.

I think this would be a great gift for a Mum or Grandma and with the bluetooth function you can play as much music of your own as you want too.  

To get yourself one then you need to go to their website : MY VQ where you can also see the other choices for colour and design. Alternatively vote for my blog and photos above and you can win one, watch out for notifications from my Facebook page or on twitter either from me or MY VQ Twitter of how to go about voting.

Good Luck, I know you will love it as much as me. 
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