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29 Oct 2015

Pin Up Peg Board from Rose and Grey

This month's styling challenge from the on-line company Rose & Grey is a white peg board, definitely an old school item for sure.

The board comes with cute little wooden pegs which have different coloured tips, they are quite secure when pushed in and as you can see will take light weight objects.

I started with a children's theme as I had a lot of baby toys in the house.  No, don't go and get all broody on me, and no, I haven't got some exciting news to tell you, the only patter of tiny feet in this house are from cats .... lots of cats ...and squirrels. 

As I don't have children this is one area of decorating that has passed me by, and whilst I pride myself on having just about every prop imaginable for photos, I was severely lacking in the baby department.

The reason for the baby items came about because I was photographing some adorable keepsake toys which had been made from baby clothes and embroidered with the child's name and birth date.

It was a lucky coincidence really because I think the pegboard looks like something that would fit nicely in a nursery or young persons room, (although it is so completely versatile I can also imagine in in a stylish office) and it fits nicely with the keepsakes theme as this would be a great way to display cards, baby shoes and small toys.

And if it's not going from one extreme to another, here's my Styling The Seasons photo for Halloween, featuring my Ziggy, who was bribed with treats ... appropriately .... Ziggy says Treat not Trick!

Peg Board is available from Rose & Grey, Mirror Glass Stars from http://www.holycowhome.co.uk/ , broom Ikea, Hat Waitrose, and Keepsakes From My Sewing Room 
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