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20 Sep 2015

Picture Frame Collage

Everyone loves a bit of collage don't they, it takes me back to school days, art being my favourite lesson. My idol Sir Peter Blake has been a great advocate of this type of art and his work shows the extreme of brilliance in this arena.   But unless you commit yourself to a canvas or dedicated art box, its not always been that easy to present your work other than in a scrap book or using glue.
So here's a way that you can have your memories on display all the time.

The online company Rose & Grey have the perfect solution for creating this art on a small scale with these adorable frames. The frames come with brass or zinc edges and are hinged like a book with a little sliding wire closing lock. As there is glass on both sides, unlike conventional frames which have a backboard, these take on a whole new dimension. 

The simplicity of these frames is perfect for giving the widest range of looks, you can really let your imagination run wild with what you put in them, whether its prints, photos or a mixture of both with some momentos. I really love old postcards and photos of my family from the turn of the century. Above I also made this temporary shelf by hanging a piece of leftover flooring plank with string fixed to a central hook above, making a triangle shape.
This gives a frame to the frames and will take the weight of light objects so that you can make the display more three dimensional, I also felt that the triangle shape mirrored that of the hanging ribbon.  When displaying art in frames its always best to either group several together, or make a feature to tie it together.

These frames look lovely hanging from a hook some distance from the wall, you could even hang them in a window as they are double sided.

Place your collection on the back glass while the frame is open, you may want to fix some things in place with a tiny bit of blu-tack, but if the pieces have a small amount of thickness to them they will stay in place without any glue.

I fancied the idea of hanging them from branches and then thought Id see what they looked like with a stencil branch.

I painted this wall and stencil some time ago and have now added these frames with collections of memorabilia inside (fabric and pressed leaves and some stamps). I have a friend who has a collection of lace alone in a group of these frames and it looks lovely, particularly if you have a subtle colour on the wall behind coming through. Perhaps you have a small scrap of fabric from a wedding dress or quilt, something with sentimental attachment.

You can change the items in your frames around as often as you like without damaging the photos.  They are hung with a small piece of Sari fabric made into ribbon, each frame has a totally different fabric so they all have individuality. I untied my fabric ribbon and re-tied it in a different way to make it a big shorter, but this is something else you can change around in your own way.

Please find these frames and the other zinc edged ones over at Rose & Grey. I hope I have offered you some ideas about how to use them, Im just one of the bloggers reviewing these so look out on social media for the other bloggers ideas, can't wait to see them myself!

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