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Monday, 11 May 2015

Styling The Season for May

So many flowers to choose from in the garden at the moment, and also in the hedgerow.  For styling my home with nature I chose to revamp my previous wreath with lilacs and clematis. Its above the bed so that I catch wafts of lilac scent.

Another addition to my room is a beautiful piece of original art from an artist called Anne Marie Butlin.  Her painting of apple blossom touched my heart and so, I hope to feature her in a future blog.

To find out more about Anne Marie Butlin you can find her facebook page here

I found this artist through facebook originally and took the opportunity to visit her during Crouch End Open Studios week.
As an ex-Crouch Ender I felt a soft spot for this lady and her lovely family.  Her studio at the bottom of the garden is gorgeous and oh how I would love to have a whole wall full of her work.

My painting is oil on linen. Im going to try it in a few different rooms but for now its by my bedside and Im totally in love with it. 



  1. This is gorgeous, Janice! I love the additions to your wreath and the colours in your bedroom are wonderful x

  2. This artwork is indeed lovely. I will check the artist's FB page right away!!

  3. Hi Janice - the painting looks gorgeous on the pale pink wall! Lovely to meet you at the weekend and so glad the Apple Blossom has found such a fabulous home. Anne-Marie xx

  4. I love everything about this Janice - the colours are my favourites. I'd really love more paintings in my house so will investigate Anne Marie now!

    Thanks so much for joining in. x


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