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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Styling Spring At Mine and Styling The Seasons

Hello and welcome April. I've so enjoyed the blossoming garden particularly photographing flowers and have treated myself to a new lens for my camera, a 100mm macro for super close-up work.  Joining with Apartment Apothecary and Lobster and Swan on their challenge to show how you style your home for the seasons.

Heres some that Ive done recently and I shall add more to the post as the days pass and new blooms appear.

Against my Aubusson chalk paint wall and with this Bitossi vase.

Using my latest car boot treasures, watering can as vase against Graphite chalk paint wall.

I bought a few of the outdoor pots inside for a while.  Books are a great way to get height in your displays

this is a collage made inside a copper bottomed box from Holy Cow Home

a small pleasing arrangement of green themed items to make a pleasing collage

my latest little collection of Observer books are not only interesting but look good. 

gardening has begun



  1. Beautiful photos. My favourite is the one full of green shades; that bottle of Devon Violets has an amazing vivid shade of green.

    1. Thanks for your comment, yes the Devon Violets - a classic. They remind me of my childhood and the sort of souvenirs you got when you were a kid.

  2. I really love the first table - such happy colours!


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