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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Serendipity Reclamation's Summer House

I don't know, my blogs are like buses, you don't get one for ages and then theres two in one week!  I just thought I'd do this extra one as another of my projects for the Painters In Residence series for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has just been revealed over on her blog.  It's the summer house that I added some finishing touches to for Jane at Serendipity Reclamation.

Jane who specializes in sourcing reclamation, designed this summer house and found some beautiful authentic features like the windows which came from France, copper guttering and many more details like a chandelier and metal desk.

With a soft muted palette of colours used in the building already we decided to add some pops of colour so went about mixing chalk paint to get a bright fuchsia pink, we added Emperors Silk to Henrietta.  A diluted amount of this was used to soak the lace panel in and it picked up the colour beautifully.  I also used this colour in the wall stencil, a repeated pattern made to look like a mandala or snowflake.

Jane had also found a screen frame missing its panels, she had already found some beautiful french linen sheets and the stiffness of these was perfect as a natural background to the graphite stencil.  To add touches of grandeur to the screen and cupboard I used Annie Sloans leaf and gold size glue in brass. 

The cupboard was painted in Antibes Green and then given two coats of Craquleur, a glaze which crackles also made by Annie Sloan. I then worked dark wax into the cracks as Jane wanted the piece to look aged.

The summer house serves many uses, sometimes an office and sometimes for yoga or guests and social occasions. The desk is the most stunning piece of furniture so to compliment it I used Annie Sloans leaf in silver for a little side table top.


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  1. This has inspired me much to finish offy summer house in the garden. It currently has a open front, but I have said to my husband it would bw lovely to glaze the front and turn it into an all year round space.

    This gorgeous make over had given me some great ideas - thank you so much Janice xx


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