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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Style and Colour using Chalk Paint

Heres the latest project of mine to be launched in the Painters In Residence series, currently running on Annie Sloans blog. This victorian door and frame were found in a local thrift shop and it just spoke to me. I find that anything with carving on it can really lend itself well to coloured paints and to my mind it shows off the detail more than when its just dark brown wood. 

I love highly decorated furniture so I cut slimline stencils which gave me the opportunity to get more than one colour on every inch.

I did the same with this chair and love the way the colours show off the carving. 

For this project I mixed lots of colours and kept my left overs in jam jars.  I continued to use these adding other colours as I went along and ended up with a great palette of similar hues.

In this second photo I had extended the stenciling to the wall which gives the illusion of widening the feature. 

I love the purple colour I achieved mixing Napoleonic blue with Emperors Silk (chalk paint ™). The bright green is called Antibes and one of my favorite Annie Sloan colours, it got mixed into Napoleonic Blue and Florence for some of the other colours.

For more photos of my colour combinations keep a look out on Annie Sloans blog and also her new book called "Room Recipes for Style and Colour", I mostly feature in the Bohemian section where Annie describes in great detail how to achieve the looks and what ties them together.  When my copy arrives I will be blogging more about that too. 

If you can get yourself along on November 21st to Making The Best in Leighton Buzzard then please pop by and say hello as I will be part of the event there.  One of the raffle prizes is a free photo session with me so it could be worth it !

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  1. Beautiful! Finally I know what to do with my old chair that's been waiting for the right inspiration. :)
    Greetings from Sweden! /Jessica

    1. thank you for such a lovely comment. If you do this multi coloured look then its possible to do it all with tester pots and that helps you to familiarize yourself with the colour range and mixing your own colours. Have fun Jessica


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