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28 Sept 2013

Mollie Makes issue 32

Ta Dah !  Heres the issue of Mollie Makes that I am in. 
In this months issue you can see why I collect Dala Horses and also make your own in felt. Can you see that banner to the right, ok, click on that and it will take you directly to where you can order the magazine, either a subscription or just the latest issue, which looks like this ...

I made these mini Dala Horses from felt but in the magazine you can see how to make a larger one and it also shows you how to do the embroidery stitches.

Nearer to Christmas I will show you how I plan to use these mini ones as decorations, I may attach them to a garland for the fireplace or hang them on the tree. They are fun to make and you could really just stitch whatever pattern appeals to you most. 

In the article I explain what they mean to me and the history and symbolism behind them.  

At some places in Sweden they have giant ones that you can sit on. I haven't made it to the factory or the museum yet and hope that on my next trip I won't bore my friend Rachel too much with these treks.

Perhaps I should  tell her they have an amazing cake shop next door :)

My thanks go to Gunilla and Hans-Olof who helped me with this collection and who cook me the most amazing Swedish food whenever I visit. The last trip was for Midsummer Festival and thats when this photo was taken of me wearing a flower head garland. I really want to visit at Christmas but need to find a cat sitter.

Scarlet Gunilla Rachel and Isabel with me all ready for maypole dancing, Swedish style.

Don't forget folks, a Dala Horse isn't just for Christmas its for life !

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