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Thursday, 4 August 2016

60 Million Trebles

60 Million Trebles is a charity project where crochet blankets are made for refugees.  A treble is the name of a stitch in crochet and as there will be 60 Million refugees worldwide this year, each stitch represents a person, so please think about joining with us and breaking a record.

I've had a refresher in what a treble stitch is having been taught as a child by mum and nanny (we called my grandmother nanny, I didn't have a Mary Poppins type nanny honestly). It didn't take long, and I was off, and so far I've made a start of several, these are just chain stitch and treble stitch.  The project needs to be big and they need thousands of people to join.

Each person will be making blankets 36inches square and these will be joined together to make one record breaking huge one.  The world record breaking blanket will become a yarn bomb in London by September 2017.

I am using up all my odds and ends stash, which is actually pretty large, so I hope to make many blankets.  To learn to do this stitch and to make a blanket you only need to know how to do two stitches, which can easily be learnt on You Tube.

For technical information and, further down the line, drop off points for your blankets, there is a facebook group but in the mean time perhaps you can just get together with some friends, learn to make crochet squares and start on some 36 inch blankets.

I will be trying to organise a small get together myself, in Northampton in September so watch out on my Facebook and Instagram for information. 

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  1. I'm in and I've enlisted a small army of grannies over in Canterbury via my mum! O'm planning a coffee morning with them later this month xx

  2. I'm in, 3 blankets so far & some online recruitment too.

  3. I'm in and really happy to be part of this project. See you all in London next year.

  4. gorgeous photos and a brilliant post - so glad to be part of this project too - I am on blanket number three - the great thing about crochet is that you can take it with you, pick it up when you are watching telly and do a few stitches in between other stuff x

  5. Can they be done in any yarn? I don't use acrylic because of its effect on our environment.

    1. Yes Caroline they can be done in any yarn, I don't use acrylic either, I hate it, all my yarns used are from my stash and are high quality wool, alpaca with silk etc. I mostly had Aran left overs from when I knitted hats.

  6. Thank you. I have found some acrylic to make a couple but any others will be made of wool or alpaca.


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